Monday, January 16, 2017

Mailable Monday #179

Happy Monday to all! Sorry no

post yesterday. I spent the day doing some

much needed housework, and I had to find

my craft desk. It was pretty covered with 

supplies I neglected to put away. 

I used some washi tape to decorate this card.

Stamp set it Love Day. 

While I had the set out I made this cute little doll clip. 

The rosette is a 1 1/2 x 12 inch strip of designer paper that

has been scored at 1/4 inch all the away across then accordion

folded. The ends are then glued together. When you press the center 

down it forms the rosette. I use hot glue to hold them together. 

I found a wooden 6 inch ruler and I stamped it

with the doll using jet black StazOn ink. Colored

it with blendabilites markers. I added some glossy

glaze to the skirt area then sprinkled on some glitter. 

the rhinestones were added after the glaze dried. And speaking of the
Julie Nutting dolls....

I found a basket to hold my collection. 

I don't want to store them in a binder I like to keep

them in the packaging. So this will work...for now

if I start adding more to the collection I'll need 

a bigger basket! 

Stamping trails
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Prima Doll Valentine Flip Bag

Well here my first attempt

at making a Julie Nutting flip bag. 

Valentine themed of course since February is

right around the corner. 

Close look at the doll on the front pocket. 

I did two rows of lace on the skirt. 

I may have to unpack it and fill it again as

I still have some odds and ends that I didn't put in the bag. 

Also think I want to try to make a doll clip for the front as well. 

And here you see the creative process at work. 

I almost never ever clean up my workspace as I go. 

I know I really should.  

See that large black cup on the drawer in the back?

That is my new holder for my prisma color pencils. 

I finally took them out of the tin as I wanted to have

them in reach and I got tired of taking them out of a drawer

then out of the tin every time I wanted to color. Which seems

to be a lot lately. Thanks Kat for sending me the cup. Works

better on my desk than to drink my tea from. You Rock! 

What am I going to do today? I bet you all ready know....

Clean my desk of course! 

Stamping trails
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Pink and Gold 3 Pocket Letter

I received this beautiful 3 pocket letter in the mail

yesterday. Thanks Carol! We were in a pink and gold swap. 

Both sides of the pockets were completed. 

Love the little man, and woman figure with the heart between them. 

Carol also sent goodies. Gotta love that! Thanks Carol! 

It was raining cats and dogs here yesterday. I caught

one very small window of no rain and I ran to the post office, 

and grocery store. Soon as I got back in the house it started

raining again. So I spent the afternoon making a 

very large pot of chili, and watching Netflix. 

I should have done some crafting, but I just wanted 

to snuggle up under a warm blanket. 

Today I'm going to make a run to Hollo's as I need

more pocket letters. Small wonder! Guess I better stock up on them

this time! 
I wonder if I should even venture out with it being Friday the 13th! 

Stamping trails
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Old Mail Box, and More

I received a round robin ATC in the mail the other day. 

I was the 3rd and last person to add to the trading card. 

Since one of the players added an actual postage 

stamp to the center of the card I went with a mail theme, 

and added the mailbox. This is one of the first stamps I 

bought, and it is at least 25 years old. I remember ordering

this from a Currant catalog while we were living on Guam. Now

I'm really feeling old! 

The greeting better than e-mail is from a Stampin'Up set. 

Yesterday I receive a washi tape swap. Got some 

great holiday ones. 

After me and Sarah visited grandma Katie we did a little shopping. 

She wanted to stop in Marshals, and I found this fun kit that was on

clearance. Marked 6.00, but it rang up for 3.00. Gotta love that! 

Here is an inside view. Lots of fun little things to add to my ever growning

craft stash. 

So we had a nice visit with Katie. I stopped and got McDonalds for

everyone. She really enjoyed eating her french fries. Its just the little things

you can do for someone that can really make their day. 

Stamping trails
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Love Day Tag, and Cards, Cards, Cards!

Can you stand to see one more Valentine tag? 

I sure hope so cause here is the latest. 

Stamp set Love Day. 

Thanks Kat for sending me some die cut heart pieces. 

I knew these would be perfect to go with this doll. 

The script stamp background is by Tim Holtz. 

The rhinestone strip I picked up at Pat Catan's the other

day when I was out. (remember I had cabin fever and

went out in single digit temps!) I think the

trip was well worth the cold as I did pick up

some goodies to use in the swaps I've been making. 

I added some narrow crochet lace to the bottom of her skirt. 

I'm sure my swap partner will be very happy to receive this tag. 

Me and Sarah will be heading out at noon to visit grandma Katie. 

Then maybe do some shopping, and grab lunch. 

Can you believe that a lot of the schools were closed yesterday due

to snowy conditions, and today it is suppose to be in the 50's. 

We are getting some wack-a-do weather, but I'll take

anything about freezing at this time of the year. 
Check out the large collection of cards I received from Kat on Monday. 
This is a box that holds 250 envelopes, and it was full of 

great cards. Thanks again Kat!

Stamping trails
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love Day Armoire Tag

I promise at some point I will stop making

Valentine projects, but since I've signed up for

a bunch of swaps I'm pretty busy making those. 

I am in love with how this tag turned out!

Features Love Day stamp set by Julie Nutting. 

Found some small white pom-pom trim to 

add to the bottom of the dress. There are

two layers on the dress one flat on the doll

then the skirt part with the trim is glue just

around the edges to give it that 3d look. 

The Armoire is a tag book that is in the line of products. 

Cute little coat hanger is by Tim Holtz. The 

designer paper I used is by Core Creations. 

To finish off the tag I added a easel to the back so

the tag can stand for display. 

When I posted this on the Julie Nutting site yesterday

everyone just loved it. Got many comments and over 150 likes. 

That made my day. A crafting buddy Kathleen asked if she was

the one getting this with the one on one swap I'm doing with her, but

I had to tell her it is going to someone else. But not to worry I made 

another one last night just for her. The second one came together so 


Special thanks to my dear friend Kat who surprised me 

yesterday with a full box of hand stamped cards, and 

the latest Paper Pumpkin kit from Stampin'Up. 

Love them all!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!

I'll take some pics of the all the wonderful cards, and
post those tomorrow. 
Stamping trails
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Feathered Arrows

I've been making some goodies to fill flip bags with, 

and yesterday I came up with these cute feathered arrows. 

Made using paper straws and glittered hearts at the bottom for the

arrow tip. I also added some words at the top. 

The only thing about working with feathers and a glue gun.....

the feathers get everywhere including attaching themselves to

my glue gun. 

They the little pieces are lighter than air and

were just blowing around. Not to mention the static from 

the dry air in the house during the winter. They

were sticking to my clothes, and hands. I bet

I'm going to find little pieces for a long while! But

I had fun making them. 

Well I have to tell you I had a serious case of cabin fever Saturday night. 

It was so bad that I braved the single digit temperature and had hubby

take me to Pat Catan's (where I bought those blasted feathers!). 

It was a whopping 7 degrees out. BRRRRRR 

Thankfully we are going to have a heat wave by mid week as

it will be in the forties. Time to go to the park and 

have a picnic! LOL

Stamping trails
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